Traders at Kitase cash in from mini street market – Citi Business News

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Driving from Madina-Adenta through the mountains towards Aburi, one thing is obvious; a chain of women engaging in one trade or the other at the opposite sides of the highway at some points.

A few meters away from Peduase is a town called Kitase.

Here, the vendors along the main road are seen displaying nicely arranged foodstuff ranging from fruits, vegetables, tubers and others.

At a glance, the wares appear like a mini market as the products are carefully and neatly arranged in baskets of various sizes, carefully displayed to attract buyers.

According to Madam Agnes, she was introduced to the trade by her mother.

“I have been selling here for the past twenty years. My mother enrolled me in this business while I was a child but now I have been able to manage it on my own even though my mother still sells here.”

She adds: “This is what I have done to educate all my children. It is very lucrative.”

Aunt Lizzy also says: “When our parents go to neighboring towns for funerals, they come along with some foodstuff harvested from those villages and due to excesses they decide to sell the extra. This then gradually grew to become a market.”

The convenience these women provide for travelers cannot be overlooked.

They tell me people come from both far and near including Accra, Madina, Akropong, Mamfe, Tutu, Ahwerase, Koforidua and even Kumasi to purchase their goods because of the uniqueness of their foodstuff.

The women say they buy the foodstuff from farmers’ right there in the village and sometimes neighboring Koforidua.

They visit the farms at least twice every week so as to get the products always fresh to meet the preference of customers.

Citi Business News then asked the women how much they usually make in a week.

While Aggie says she can make as much as Ghc400, Auntie Lizzy said she can make up to Ghc500 in a week.

There is no doubt this market at Aburi KITASE has come to stay.

It has been their source of livelihood for many years.

Something they have done to take care of their family’s needs.

Some customers who spoke to Citi Business News expressed their delight at the convenience this market brings to them.

Michael Afavi said “The foodstuff is always fresh and the women are welcoming”.

Ama Bekoe also says: “I find the ladies so receiving and I get good goods from them. It is also very convenient for me.”

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