Allow your man to CHEAT; he’ll quit when he’s tired- Marriage Counsellor

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Lady Reverend Dr. Mrs Charlotte Oduro, a renowned marriage counsellor has urged women to try and find a better solution to the cheating habit of their partners rather than worrying themselves over it.

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She observes men who cheat in relationships will eventually
get tired of their extramarital affairs and return to their legally married

Answering a question on Accra-based Hitz Fm, she said “she should never think we have never seen it before. I have been married for eleven years. I have seen relationships, I have gone through them. I am not saying cheating is the best thing but I am not losing my husband to any woman. I won’t do it. Maybe the fault is coming from me. If the men do not know where they are coming from you are his help mate”

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She advised “If you are reasonable and you are working, he
is cheating, let him cheat, when he finish, he’ll come because you are too busy
taking care of him and making sure he dresses well. Marriage needs a lot of
sacrifice, women we need to learn this. Men have ego, you can’t change it,
that’s the way they are, women need to submit, give him that respect … work,
let him cheat when he’s tired he’ll come. Women stop being suspicious, leave
him, do your part as a woman in your home.” Zoure/2019

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