STOP literring children if you’re not ready to be a father

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Ghanaian actress and business woman, Yvonne Nelson has thrown jabs at fathers who do not play active roles in the lives of their children appealing to them to either stay off innocent girls or protect themselves against wanted pregnancies.

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In a post on Sunday June 16 which marked Father’s day, the
‘embittered’ actress who has said in various media interviews that her father
played no role in her life, stated that men who are not ready to be in their
children’s lives are the reasons for broken homes and should not bother marking
the Father’s day since they are the reasons why there are kids out there.

She questioned why we refer to this world as that of a man’s
as the men who aren’t ready to be in a child’s life should f*cking protect

“To the men, if you aren’t TRULY ready to be in a child’s life, F*cking protect yourselves, you are the reason for so many broken families and kids out there! A man’s world??? Today isn’t your day if you haven’t put in any work!”

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Some of her followers who didn’t grasp the thrust of her
message questioned if her tweet was as a results of her biological father not
being in her life or her baby father supposedly absent in her daughter’s life
with some also supporting her message.

Check out some of the comments below.

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