Vicky Zugah In Hot Waters For Commenting On Nana Addo’s Free SHS

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A section of Ghanaian social
media users has devoured actress-Vicky Zugah following her comment on the Free
SHS policy introduced by President Akufo-Addo led administration.

The actress questioned how free the policy is after she enrolled her daughter in a Senior High School when she spoke with Zion Felix in a recent interview.

According to her, she spent so
much money on other things before her daughter left for school—so she doesn’t
feel the ‘Free SHS’ except the tuition fee.

After this statement, some
Instagram users who commented on Zion Felix’s page did not spare Vicky Zugah.

An IG user with the name takyigyabaa replied, “Sometimes I wonder why some of these people would talk this way,
at least this government is done something, there are hitches I agree but to
make it look like this whole thing is a failure is smacks of foolishness. Let’s
be appreciative and stop this.”

kuamidice commented, “She talk too much do u expert
nana addo to buy ur child things taking to school Ghanaians everything dem go
talk and are you advising ur self next year to akua Donkor or where cuz both
NDC and NPP u t.”

missjacklyna said, “You expect government to provisions, panties and chop box etc for
your child? Madam shift make a pass 👿”

yaw_jk also questioned whether the
government should buy provisions, chop boxes and other things for the students.

wrote, “While Free SHS has some visible
challenges, Ghanaians should recognise that, no project, and I mean No Project,
commences without challenges let alone a project at national level. Free SHS
must be embraced by all and not over politicised. All Ghanaians must endeavour
to make this work, by objectively deciding what it should include and what
shouldn’t be included. Not this utter nonsense being displayed here. No wonder
Ghana has a long way to go.”

A comment from educationist_ambassador_1 read:

“Aaaaah ,why are some Parents
becoming so irresponsible now a days….. she talks too much …..# Free SHS#todaytomorrowforever#
wait ooo which school is her ward….”

Another user rheenycurtis advised
the actress to appreciate the efforts of the government.

“Madam it’s better than our
time.. be appreciative.. we that we bought all the things n still paid tuition
fee every term what should we say??? You are getting benefits and you being

Finally, miss_ziat_ added: “@vickyzugah my friend get away. Did you pay for tuition, water bill, light bill, rent and feeding? Do expect the government to buy panties, provisions and other personal belongings for your daughter? Do you know how beneficial this has been to the rural parents ? Stop this unnecessary sabotaging and appreciate the work done. You can send your daughter to the village schools where their list is few nobody forced you to take your daughter to big school. ANNOYING.”

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