Ghanaian politicians are only wise in opposition

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Actress, Yvonne Nelson has noted that Ghanaian politicians use their brains thus are wise only when they are in opposition.

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According to her, politicians in this country lose their brains immediately they taste power as they tend to become power drunk and to a large extend arrogant

She made this known through a tweet sighted by she said when politicians are in opposition in Ghana, they have the best ideas and solutions to problems but it is the reverse when they are given the opportunity by Ghanaians to govern

In her view, they lose that brain that could provide solutions to pertinent issues in the country.

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Her tweet reads ” Politicians here only THINK when they are in opposition,they have all the solutions when in opposition,The minute they taste POWER, the brain stops functioning.Well,thats how we see it! We are tired of the lies and fake promises! The people of Gh arent fools!” Offei-Akoto/2019

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